Silos are fabricated in various limits; giving extraordinary benefits particularly in transportation. The pieces of the concrete storehouses are fabricated by exceptional laser cutting and penetrating advances and they are carried out unique surface cleaning method. The pieces of the concrete storehouses additionally are fabricated in touchy creation offices with uncommon types of gear and they are painted with prime covering and last covering. The parts which are held tight programmed transport line are painted in exceptional painting cupboards. Then, at that point, the pieces of the concrete storehouses are pressed particularly appropriate for transportation.

A cement silo has required legs which give freedom to take care of concrete to the concrete batcher with screw in appropriate point. It has stepping stool and upper railing sand mechanical valve in release part. A cement silo has concrete filling pipe. The pieces of the concrete storehouses are fabricated by unique laser cutting and penetrating innovations and they are executed extraordinary surface cleaning system. All parts are performed by substance surface cleaning technique just as covering and painting.


A 100 ton cement silo is an optimal model for most clients. It has a broad scope of utilization region from substantial plants to hinder machines and furthermore ground concentrate on applications. It is generally utilized in the mass stockpiling of grain, concrete, fly debris, and other mass materials in view of its moderate limit, advantageous vehicle, and significant expense execution. Practically, the 100 ton cement silo is outfitted with a material level framework, which can show the position and the measure of material; the opening breaking gadget can soothe the cementing brought about by the prolonged stretch of time material affidavit, and the screw transport can be utilized to ship the material to different positions.

A 100 Ton Cement Silo is exceptionally valuable in current days as it assists with putting away mass nature of material with extremely less space prerequisites. It likewise saves the work necessities and shields the material from the environment changes like downpour and so forth and furthermore it's an entirely solid and practical framework for putting away the fine materials.


The 100 ton Cement Silo is a round and hollow formed design that comprises of a steel structure, a stepping stool, a guardrail, a taking care of line, a residue remover, a strain wellbeing valve, a high and low level measure, a release valve, and so on The base is upheld by four round legs. The silo body is made of steel structure. On the highest point of the concrete silo is introduced a residue authority and a pressure safety valve.


• The foundation should be firm and in accordance with the engineering plan determinations
• The lower part of the leg should be solidly welded to the base implanted part
• During the installation procedure, the silo body is completely denied from being shifted and the legs shouldn't be twisted
• Do a great job in windproof and lightning insurance
• It is completely prohibited to firmly affect the legs and the silo body


1. During the time spent passing on concrete into a concrete silo, the operator should constantly press the button of the vibration engine of residue authority to shake off the concrete connected to the pack of the residue gatherer.
2. At the point when the material should be released, first open the manual release valve at the lower part of the cone, and afterward transport the concrete through the concrete transport. During the time spent releasing, if the wonder of "angling" happens, press the button of the electromagnetic valve of the curving gadget on schedule to blow the air, kill the "curving" and feed, and guarantee an even supply of cement.
3. When the cement passing on gadget comes up short, first close the manual release valve at the lower part of the cone to keep the concrete from spilling over and causing waste
4. Continuously look at the delicate state of the strain security valve to guarantee that once the sack is impeded and the tension in the silo surpasses the security pressure of the silo top pressure safety valve, the tension security valve can be opened to deliver the tension inside the silo to forestall the blast accident.


• Silo diameter: 3m
• Vertebra height: 2.5m
• Silo height: 9.6m
• Leg height: 2m
• Overall height: 15.1m
• Screw type: LSY180

The prerequisites of the construction industry are far reaching and try to take into account their necessities in the most effective way by giving flawless scope of construction goods and equipment.

Assuming you are keen on putting resources into a cement silo, don't stop for a second to get in touch with one of the 100 ton concrete silo producers. The 100-ton cement silo manufacturers produce the things that satisfy the business guidelines; the release stature is 1.96 meters, 4.2 meters, can likewise be handled by client necessities; since 100 ton cement silo are the most generally utilized.

The 100 ton cement silo manufacturers also give silo accessories which are extremely helpful and they are:

• Level indicator
• Fliudization nozzles
• Special round type dust collectors
• Roots blower or twin lube compressor which is otherwise called cement feeding system
• Pressure safety relief valve
• Bin aerator
• Bag feeding system
• Maximum minimum level indicator
• High pressure safety valve
• Cement silo fluidizing system
• Screw conveyor
• Cement silo filter system

The 100 ton cement silo manufacturers proffer after sale services. Ordinarily, the guarantee time frame is one year, and they have an expert after-sale service team to instantly and completely take care of customer issues. The machines are fabricated rigorously as indicated by public and purposeful principles. Some of them likewise give equipment training program to operators to clarify each function. They send proficient engineers to the working place for equipment installation, adjustment, and operation training. Besides the manufacturers offers customized different products according to the customer requirement.

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