Effective Online Promotion Method

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Why we are doing online promotion? What purpose we are doing online promotion? How we can do online promotion effectively?

The answer is simple, in minimum time to reach maximum client.

In minimum investment our company should be visible at maximum level.

Now we can see how can do promotion effectively. Everyone saying there is more traffic in our product by getting more searches from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube channel etc. So that we can develop our company to next level. Everyone is now aware of digital marketing. How we can utilize from these social media channels to promote from business?

You are already might send many quotation to many clients. Some clients might give you order and some might not for some reason. We not monitor for what reason we not get that order from the client due to our busy life in business and there will be no time also to monitor.

But we can monitor by the following method. How means? From already given quotation the client gets included into your Gmail circle. Not only Gmail including Face book, LinkedIn etc. We can keep on update our recent work regarding how much capacity we are doing and how much square feet we are doing everything. After project completion how we support in AMC. When we update these information means our existing client and upcoming clients get to know about us how aggressively we doing business. When branding our company to everyone we get more strength for our business.

B2B or B2C Business Promotion Method

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We are now doing promotion for minimum time to reach maximum client. But the question is whether we spending minimum time here mean it’s not. We are spending maximum time and getting minimum clients. For Example, you might register in B2B and B2C portal. After registering you get the app created by them and they send keep on sending you enquiry and getting you intimation always. You spending more time for that intimation and getting minimum order conversion. For what you are doing promotion here that get diverting to some other thing and your time is getting waste here.

We are doing business in biggest crowd here. Every business people have one unique identity. When we do promotion based on this means we can take the company to the next level. But your mistake is by your existing promotion method again you getting into the biggest crowd very deeper.