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A ton of entrepreneurs don't understand what goes on at a SEO office, which means supposedly, I (and the remainder of my team) shuffle hats the entire day.

To start with, how about we explain what SEO even is. SEO is abbreviated as search engine optimization, which is the way toward expanding a page's search rankings to increase online visibility.

Here's the reason employing a genuine SEO company is so critical to any business: 93 percent of online encounters start with a search engine, and 47 percent of people click on one of the initial three postings.

Presently, I state a "genuine" SEO company on the grounds that in the online world there are two general kinds of SEO: black-hat SEO and white-hat SEO. White-hat SEO gains search rankings dependent on real difficult work and information. Black-hat SEO includes obscure techniques that can get you to the top, however not for long—and these strategies are typically harming to your drawn out presence.

What looks into white-hat SEO? Indeed, there are in excess of 200 variables that go into what makes a page rank high on the search result page, however the ones that issue the most (and the ones white-cap SEO rotates around) are:

Certainly your website is secure (HTTPS versus HTTP)
Certainly your website is mobile-friendly
How quick website pages load on your website?
Whether a page has the right outline markup (kind of website code)
The quality of your pages' content
The length of your pages' content
The presence of social signals that point back to your website
Presence of value back links that point back to your website
Certainly you have enhanced images on your website pages
The search expectation of the client.


We're a confided in SEO Company in Chennai. We will get your business taken note.

SEO Tech Solution is a digital advertising and SEO Company in Chennai, offering website design and SEO services to little and medium-sized undertakings all over India. We settle the mind boggling Google search engine calculation puzzle for you, thinking about 100+ variables Google surveys to rank your website.

We attempt to understand your business and its fundamental process to tailor a technique to put you on top of organic searches and make you noticeable on the guide and knock your Google+ rankings.


We are a SEO company in Chennai – an expert team of website improvement trained professionals. We are the best SEO Company for South Indian businesses and sales our procedures will get you the results you need. It is safe to say that you are looking for first page rank for your keywords and search terms?

Regardless of whether you are in a competitive industry, we can at present get you to 1stpageorganic listings for the terms you are focusing on.

Our SEO services utilize the most moral, up-to-date current best-practice SEO methods and techniques to guarantee you don't get punished by future calculation refreshes.

As SEO experts, we savor the experience of finding out about your prosperity. We become your online mangers, we care for your search engine optimization, your local places listing; we optimize and change any social profiles you or your business may have.

Our work style, and SEO destinations for customers' tasks are created in view of long term stability in mind.

Stable Google ranking implies that the position is less defenseless against a competitor's mission. The protections are stronger and competitors need to mount a more serious attack to approach our customers' positions.

This makes most competitors surrender, because our strong way to deal with SEO for our clients makes it hard for others to vie for the search terms we are chasing.


A warning should go up whenever a SEO expert makes certain cases or guarantees about results in X measure of time. The SEOs that give our industry a bad name are popular for what we call "agitate and consume" practices, which frequently include gaming rankings by:

Purchasing a huge load of links from arbitrary, bad websites
Using a PC program to create many pages of trash
Using copy or scratched content
Submitting fake public statements to spam joins

I won't express these things don't work, because in sometimes they do. The issue is they're secured a ceaseless wait-and-see game as Google gradually closes them down, individually. If you haven't utilized black-hat SEO strategies on your website, don't begin. However, if you have, we suggest working with a reliable SEO company that can help clean up your website. Try not to risk the opportunity of getting a Google punishment.

An expression of guidance don't work with anybody that demands holding copyright to all meta data they make, alter, or dissect for you. If they hold or have this privilege allocated to them, they can lawfully banish you from utilizing it, or thoroughly strip your website should you decide to leave them for another company. With SEO Tech Solution, all that we chip away at all through our relationship is yours now and yours forever.